"I was impressed before with MinnTex, but this just proves my point!!! I asked for order forms on Monday and they were delivered to my classroom before the end of the day Tuesday - WOW!!! I can't thank you enough for all of the work you do for us! THANK YOU!"

    - FFA Advisor in Minnesota

    "Thank you for the excellent service that I have received for the last 10 years from MinnTex. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the way you guys have treated me and our school and the way you have run your business. You have an excellent product that really sells itself."

    - Cinda in Nebraska

    "Thanks so much for your terrific organization. You make it so easy!"

    - Louise in Minnesota

    "Thank you very much for your help. The kids and I really liked the order forms and selling the meat and cheeses. We increased our sales by approximately 50% over last year."

    - Nathan in Minnesota

    "Thank you for all your help with the 4-H Fruit Sales. We appreciate all you do for us!"

    - 4-H group in South Dakota

    "It is always a pleasure to work with you guys. Thanks for the outstanding service and the great product."

    - Terry in Minnesota

    "We appreciate the excellent service you provide."

    - Julie in Minnesota

    "Thanks again—it was another excellent fundraiser for our band!"

    - Justin in South Dakota

    "You have excellent products (and service!!)"

    - Stacy in Nebraska

    "Your fruit often costs less than the fruit in the stores, it is a good value. Your fruit is excellent quality. I have heard that over and over again."

    - Dan in Minnesota

    "Quality of your service is excellent…Kids and several mothers have stated [working with MinnTex] was the best thing we ever did."

    - Gary in South Dakota

    "Our fruit came yesterday, and it was exceptional. Many thanks to you and your company for the outstanding service and quality that you provided us…you were accommodating and helpful to the end. We really appreciate it!"

    - Matt in Wisconsin

    "Thanks again for providing quality products and service."

    - Glenn in Minnesota

    "You guys are great!!! Thanks so much."

    - Larissa in Iowa

    "We know that our fundraiser is a ‘wanted and needed’ one when our customers are asking when we are going to start taking orders…the fruit was of excellent quality again."

    - Kathy in South Dakota

    "I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with our delivery on Saturday! Delivery was quick and easy. What a great experience."

    - Darcy in Minnesota

    "People were very impressed with the quality of the fruit, as well as the meat and cheese. Thanks."

    - Barb in South Dakota

    "The vote is in. [Our] FFA Chapter decided to use MinnTex for our fruit sales this year.  It was a unanimous vote amongst the students. Between Bud taking time to be a guest speaker for my Ag2 class, the sausages being…much tastier, and the values of your company lining up with those of our community; these things put MinnTex ahead of [the competition]."

    - Jacob in Iowa

    "Thanks for providing a wonderful project and such a great service to the FFA programs."

    - FFA Advisor in Wisconsin

    "Thank you so much for all of your help, you guys are amazing to do work with!!"

    - 4-H Program Coordinator in Minnesota

    "Thanks for being such a great company to work with."

    - 4-H Program Coordinator in Minnesota

    "We’ve used a different company in the past, but your quality was so good and pricing was fair as well, so it’s time to compare apples to apples."

    - FFA Advisor in Wisconsin

    "We miss your service and great fruit! That is truly why we'd like to use MinnTex again. Thanks for working with us."

    - Band Instructor in Minnesota

    "Thanks so much for all your help! You guys are amazing and make my job so much easier."

    - FFA Advisor in Minnesota

    "Once again great fruit and service, everything was on time and good quality."

    - FFA Advisor in Minnesota

    "Those honeycrisp apples are amazing. Great Job again this year!"

    - FFA Advisor in Minnesota

    "Thanks so much for supplying such an amazing product that actually sells itself!"

    - 4-H Club Leader in Kansas

    "Thank you for helping us run a profitable and easy fundraiser."

    - Community Ed. Director in Minnesota

    "I just wanted to let you know that everyone raved about how excellent their fruit was! Thank you so much for this service!"

    - Nonprofit Organization Coordinator

    Thank you SO MUCH for your help with our fundraiser this year.  The fruit is amazing, and everyone is so happy with their order!

    - High School Teacher in Wisconsin

    The Junior class had a very good experience with your company and we look forward to working with you in the future!

    - Class Advisor in Wisconsin

    Thank YOU!  There is a reason why our customers ask for more... :)

    - FFA Advisor in Wisconsin

    You were all amazing to work with and made it so easy – and the fruit is always amazing!!  I appreciate you all and your organization and wanted you to know that!

    - 4-H Club Advisor in South Dakota

    I have heard nothing but positive comments about the quality of the fruit, especially the oranges.  They seem to be really good this year!  Thanks again for another great year!  Even a blizzard couldn’t stop MinnTex!!!

    - 4-H Program Coordinator in Nebraska

    Everything worked out great today and the customers were very appreciative and pleased.  Thank you so much for helping with this, you guys are the greatest to work with!  Thanks so much!

    - FFA Advisor in Minnesota

    Thank you for your friendly, caring, superb quality customer service and this fantastic fundraising opportunity.

    - 4-H Advisor in South Dakota

    What People Are Saying

    "Quality of your service is excellent…Kids and several mothers have stated [working with MinnTex] was the best thing we ever did."

    ~Gary in South Dakota